Sunflower Suite


Welcome!The Sunflower Suite is a place for you to relax and unwind in. Feel free to practice your RP! Please make yourself at home! Operating hours are sporadic but usually late at night.As a general heads up, the doors to the Sunflower Suite are always open, should you want to come here and relax. Use the venue to create your own memories! Please act responsible when doing so!Our only real set of rules is to be kind and courteous to others, don't be too chaotic, and be mindful of those that are role playing. Be comfy, be cozy, be kind.

All items are complimentary!
- Honey Muffins - Honey for nothing?
- Pretzels - Weird shape and salted!
- Quiche - Warning, it's French!
- Mashed Popotoes - Does not contain toes. Or Lalafell.
- Rolanberry Shaved Ice - The leftover ice is very smooth.
- Rabbit Pie - Eat it to live hoppily ever after.
- Finger Sandwiches - Comes with complimentary finger guns.
- King's Cake - Limited supply, crowns not included.
- Cookies - Sugary goodness in four forms, acorn, sesame, ginger, and sykon! (Dia approved, since she's likely eaten them all by now.)

- Hot Chocolate - Chocolate chopped on premises.
- Grape Juice - It's almost wine!
- Orange Juice - So good it's practically pulp fiction?
- Apple Juice - Apples also beat up on premises.
- Choffee - Chocolate and coffee. I invented it. Me. Yup.
- Mulled Tea - It's mulled, not mild.
- Chamomile Tea - Order it but don't spell it.
- Choccy Milk - It's cold hot chocolate. Kibo certified. Slightly cringy.
- The Strongest - What could this be? Find out!


Personalize your mug! Any amount of gil to purchase!
Each one is painstakingly awful! Own yours today!

I have no real artistic talent, most of these are referenced or even traced from Google Images, you have been warned :3